Chardonnay DOC Collio 2020
Chardonnay DOC Collio 2020

Chardonnay DOC Collio 2020

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Delicate and velvety white with sustained gradations and acidity and aromas of white flowers, apple, apricot and mugwort. It is a wine that ages well in the bottle, evolving its bouquet into notes reminiscent of ripe fruit, dried fruit and aromatic herbs.

Aperitif wine, excellent with fish and vegetable based appetizers. A more mature Chardonnay goes well with cold cuts and cheese appetizers.

Name: DOC Collio Chardonnay.

Soil: "Ponca" sandstone marl from the Eocene epoch.

Harvest: hand-picked.

Vinification: traditional in white. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel at a controlled temperature, with refinement on the yeasts until bottling.

Gradation: 13%

Service temperature: 10-12 ° C.

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